Kev Herrera

Kev Herrera


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About Kev Herrera

We are only selling entire tables instead of individual tickets
3 options
Two Person Shared Table
Four Person Table
The SHOWROOM individual section is NOT a private table. You will be seated with other guests from a separate party at the same table.
If available, additional individual tickets will also be sold at the door the night of the show.
Our Seating is Now Done by the Date and Time of the Ticket Purchase/Reservation. You will be Assigned Tables by Purchase Date.
We will automatically seat reservations together that have the same first and last name.
If You Wish to Sit with Another Party. You Must Call the Box Office in Advance.
518-313-7484, Monday – Friday 11:00am-6:00pm. Holidays may affect these hours.

Born and raised in New York, Kevin Herrera is known for his comedic wit. Kevin has
always been the “clown” with not only with his friends, but also within his large Hispanic
family. Kevin’s
unfiltered, raw comedy is inspired by his triumphed life experiences. Life
experiences that to most would likely break an individual, Kevin was able to take his
humor and flourish. He has always had a love for comedy as it has been his solace and
plays an
imperative role in the person that he is today.
Kevin soon took a more creative approach with his organic comedic trait and animated
persona, by expanding his comedy and producing relatable skits on social media for the
everyday married couple and parent.
Only Raising Kings continues to grow beyond
what he could ever imagine. Kevin is also the creator of The Lunchroom, a podcast that
gives the uncensored perspectives of how the everyday ma
n thinks in real life
Now as a social media influencer, Kevin wanted more, he knew he was ready to not
only share his humor but his life story