Kweenz Events Presents: New year, New me

Kweenz Events Presents: New year, New me


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About Kweenz Events Presents: New year, New me

We are only selling entire tables instead of individual tickets
2 options
Two Person Table
Four Person Table
Our Seating is Now Done by the Date and Time of the Ticket Purchase/Reservation. You will be Assigned Tables by Purchase Date.
If You Wish to Sit with Another Party. You Must Call the Box Office in Advance.

Hailing from upstate New York, Abraham Helmy – better known by his stage name “Ebro” – has become a defining character of the Capitol Region’s entertainment arena. As an artist, Ebro is a rising powerhouse whose skill set encompasses acting, entertaining, and comedy. A global citizen of the Egyptian descent, Ebro is a passionate singer and songwriter with an original catalog spanning club-shaking dance tracks, soulful ballads, and love songs. In 2019, he co-founded Kweenz Brunch™?, a popular local venture that presents one-of-a-kind drag shows featuring a rotating cast of diverse talent. Get behind-the-scenes access to Ebro’s life as an entertainer by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To learn more about Ebro’s music or to request bookings, visit:

Join the cast of Kweenz Brunch as we age two birds with one shade, and help us celebrate a new year as well as the birthday of our host, Ebro! He’s getting old and might not be able to stand for a whole show soon, so this might be his last birthday show, and you better not miss it!

The theme? F U T U R E! Since we’re celebrating old age and a new year, we will be looking to the future for inspiration. Since our girls are trendsetting tastemakers, you can bet you’ll see whatever we do, after we do it. Come to Funny Bone at noon on February 20th, for an often imitated but never copied drag extravaganza!