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Kenny Garcia & Friends


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About Kenny Garcia & Friends

Kenny Garcia:

Born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Kenny Garcia has been performing stand-up comedy in the city, across the nation, and internationally for nine years and counting.

Kenny’s comedy has been described by industry peers and comedy crowds alike as lively storytelling with a bit of ‘exaggerated truths’ sprinkled throughout. With jokes and stories about growing up in New York, being a bachelor on the road, navigating the world of dating, being a single dad, and being a new husband, Kenny Garcia’s smart sharp brand of comedy is sure to engage crowds of any background!

An extension of Kenny’s upbeat, outgoing, friendly character, it’s no doubt that Kenny’s comedy has been making those close to him laugh since he was a kid. Growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan when it was still considered a tough place to live, Kenny used his humor to navigate his way through childhood. From his first prank call to his mom’s office at seven-years-old, to later teaching his daughter the importance of laughter, Kenny has always been able to bring imbue daily life with energy and laughter and this shines through in each performance he gives. From the unimportant things we still find important, to the things that make us laugh and we aren’t sure why, Kenny’s topic takes audiences on a fun ride where nothing is taboo and we can find laughter hidden in the unexpected!


"Like any tremendous artist, Philadelphia based comic 'Setoiyo' needs no last name.

Setoiyo has performed throughout the United States Eastern Coast and Midwest, appearing at popular comedy clubs such as the Helium Comedy Clubs, Funny Bone Comedy Clubs, Philadelphia Punchline, Philly Comedy Club, and Atlantic City Comedy Club. Dazzling audiences with his tremendous comedy, Setoiyo is a comedic force to be reckoned with.

Back in Setoiyo's first year of stand-up, it was immediately apparent that his razor-sharp wit, unique insight, and observations from rowing up in an immigrant family were moving audiences, and that his calling in life was in comedy! He moved from Columbus, Ohio to a comedic epicentre to perfect his comedic skills, and has continued to bring his own brand of comedy to audiences across the East Coast, Midwest, and more. Setoiyo is truly is his mother’s favourite son! (Probably because he is his mothers only son.)

Camille Theobald:

Camille Theobald is a New York stand up comedian, writer, and actress originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and Colorado. She's been featured in The New York Post, Time Out NY, NBC News and Elite Daily. She has appeared on MTV, in The Masterclass series, National Geographic, and Amazon Prime.

Cody Colin Chase:

Cody Colin Chase a stand up comedian and is the host/head writer of "Late Night Buffalo," a late night talk show in Buffalo, New York. Cody is immediately charming and relatable on stage. Part of the joy in Cody's comedy is hearing how his everyday life can devolve into a hilarious, absurd, and awkward situation.

Cody performs weekly at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo. He has opened for the comic legend Christopher Titus and other greats like Big Jay Oakerson, Steve Ranazissi, and Dan Soder. All this on top of hosting local showcases.

Cody was accepted into The Finger Lakes Comedy Festival and has performed at the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival and the famous Denver Comedy Works in Denver, CO. He was also lucky enough to perform in somebody's yard where he was heckled from a moving vehicle.

Senneca Stone:

Senneca Stone is a comic based out of Pittsburgh, PA who focuses his humor on his dysfunctional upbringing in a poor, rural community, in WNY. Senneca has a unique ability to remain genuinely likable on stage while delivering sharp, clever jokes about the dark realities of life.

Senneca is a regular performer at The Improv in Pittsburgh, PA and Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, NY. Senneca was a finalist in the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival Standup Competition and was named "Budding Star" in Helium Comedy Club's national promotion. He has worked alongside national acts like Joey "Coco" Diaz, Nate Bargatze, Jen Kirkman, Chad Daniels, Joe List, Sam Morrill, and many more.

It is also important to note that Senneca has made just enough money in comedy that the government wants some of it, but not enough to make his family respect him. Senneca's cousin was recently drafted to the Washington Redskins. Senneca's family is VERY proud of that. He is not bitter at all.