Piff The Magic Dragon

Piff The Magic Dragon


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About Piff The Magic Dragon

Piff's Private Party
This is a personal experience with the fans which includes
- A poster signed by Piff
- A photo with Piff and / or Mr. Piffles
- A chance to get a video shout out to kid or friend from Piff
- A chance to win Mr. Piffles
- A one on one magic trick

With 100 million online views, 200,000 tickets sold, a residency on the Las
Vegas strip now extended throughout 2018 and sold out shows across North
America, what's next for the act Howard Stern calls "a phenomenal talent"?
Soon you will be able to see for yourself as the star of NBC’s America's Got
Talent and Penn & Teller: Fool Us brings his mythical mixture of wizardry, wit
and sarcasm direct to you in his brand new tour.
The Dog Who Knows 2018 Tour features never-before-seen tricks, all new jokes,
and Mr Piffles in his latest disguise as a mind reading marvel.
Along the way Piff is joined by Jade Simone, a genuine Las Vegas Showgirl, and
Francis the Squire aka the Eunuch in a Tunic, with a show that will leave you
asking "how are you going to top a guy in a dragon suit?" (New York Times).
Call him unique, call him an icon, whatever you call him, Piff is definitely “the right
amount of wrong” (Las Vegas Review Journal, A-RATED).