Hypnotist Leroy "Hypnobro" Williams
Hypnotist Leroy
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About Hypnotist Leroy "Hypnobro" Williams
Even with a degree in Architecture, it's hard to believe there was ever a time Leroy Williams considered not being a performer. In place at a nice secure government job with the Corps of Engineers in Norfolk Virginia, Leroy stumbled into an open mic night at a local comedy club ...and took first place. After winning a gig as the MC, Leroy was hooked. Bitten, but still practical, Leroy did not commit to standup until returning to his home town of Houston, Texas in 1991, the Mecca of comedy in the southwest US. Leroy became a regular at the Comedy Place, which proved a great training ground. Even though the audience only consisted of 3 to 150 patrons, the show went on. You could be called on to MC or headline with no advance notice. You either worked hard at becoming a better comedian or got left back in the pack of also rans and could have beens. Leroy paid his dues the old fashioned way ...by working the road. The experience proved invaluable as Leroy climbed through the ranks to headline such notable clubs as Pierce St. Annex in Anchorage, Alaska, The Punch line and Bobby's Comedy Corner in Houston, Texas, The Comedy Lift in Omaha, Nebraska. His international performances include Germany, Japan and Korea. Having appeared on BET's Comic View numerous times and opening for such notable acts as Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and D.C. Curry. Leroy added hypnosis to his repertoire to the delight of audiences in clubs, colleges and corporate events nationwide. Arguably the only black stand-up comedian / hypnotist in the country (if you don't count Baptist preachers). Leroy's show can be tailored to fit your needs for all ages and any venue. With a mixture of urban contemporary observational comedy, hip-hop, hypnotic improvisation and undeniable stage presence, HypnoBro is guaranteed to bring Da Laffs. Hypnosis has just added a new flavor. So let's all get HypBrotized!