Open Mic Competition
Open Mic Competition
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About Open Mic Competition
Funny Bone comedy club is in search of starving comics ready to show us what they can do. Best the other comedians and walk away with $50 and some bragging rights. Ballots are handed out to audience as they enter show room. No one gets a ballot after the first contestant starts to perform, so be on time. The top three will be brought to the stage for the final showdown at the end of the show. As a special bonus, we are also showcasing some great talent that you should definitely keep your eyes peeled on! Mark your calendars, come out to join us for this one of many special events and help us pick your favorites.

Contestants - Act is to be clean enough that it would be able to be aired on TV. The F word, the N word and the C word (you know the what they are) along with content not suitable for television will cause disqualification from the competition. There is also a 5 min time limit for your set. Exceed that limit and you will also be disqualified.

Interested in signing up? Contact Ray Price at