Clash of the Comics Cincinnati
Clash of the Comics Cincinnati
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About Clash of the Comics Cincinnati

WELCOME TO THE CLASH!The Clash of the Comics is the hottest amateur comedy competition in Cincinnati! The firstWednesday of every month, ten comedic hopefuls compete on the Funny Bone Stage for cash,bragging rights, and a chance to perform alongside some of the biggest names in stand up comedy!Sign–up:

1. THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE2. All Comics MUST sign up by contacting Brian Million by E-MAIL ONLY All Comics MUST receive eTicket to distribute to guest. BE SURE TO SIGN AND PUT THE DATE OFTHE SHOW ON EVERY TICKET YOU GET! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Every comedian will receive anemail version of the pass. Comedians are encouraged to use the email version as much aspossible, as we will not provide additional passes.4. THE POLICY IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! THE FIRST 150 PEOPLE GET IN FREE AND AFTER THAT THEPASSES ARE ½ OFF!NOTE: Your guests MUST have their ‘passes/coupon’ with them at the show or they will becharged full price for entry.

Night of the Show:

? 10 Comedians will perform.? All comics MUST be at the club & accounted for by 7:15pm, to ensure the quality of the show.? If you arrive later than 7:15pm, you may forfeit your stage time.? Who performs: The contestants who bring the most guests the night of the show will get firstpriority to perform. Performers will be determined at or near 7:45 p.m. the night of the show, sotell your guests to show up early!? IF THERE IS A TIE IN THE NUMBER OF GUESTS FOR THE FINALY PERFORMANCE SLOT, WEWILL DRAW STRAWS FOR THE FINAL POSITION.? NO COMIC IS TO HAND OUT TICKETS IN FRONT OF THE CLUB THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW. IF YOU ARE FOUNDTO BE DOING THIS, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PERFORM IN ANY FUTURE CLASHES… EVER!


1. There is a strict 5 minute time limit. Each comedian will receive a light at 4 minutes and flashinglight at 4 ½ minutes to wrap it up. DO NOT GO OVER YOUR TIME LIMIT.2. All recording/photography is prohibited in the showroom, so you will not be allowed to recordyour set.3. Language – This contest will be potentially be taped and may be aired for Cable. Pleaseminimize your cursing. NO use of the ‘F’ word, the ‘N’ word, or ‘C’ word (you know which ones)during your time on stage! Using any of those three words will disqualify you from winning anyof the prizes for that night’s show. You will also be ineligible for participation in the next month’sClash of the Comics.4. NO hacking, biting, borrowing, lifting or otherwise stealing other comedians’ material!!5. First Place will receive a Grand Prize of up to $100, and will come back the following monthand perform a guest set at the next Clash!

THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ? For any additional information or questions, please or call 859.957.2000