Alex Reymundo
Alex Reymundo
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About Alex Reymundo
ALEX REYMUNDO - Comic/Writer/Actor/Producer and Cool Dude

Starring in and Producing two 1hour specials that are currently airing on Showtime & Comedy Central, his latest “Red-Nexican” & previous ALMA Award winning “Hick-Spanic”, Reymundo appeals to all demographics. Alex spent 3 years touring with Blue Collar’s Bad Boy Ron White and can be seen on CMT, March 2011 with Tater, Lewis Black & Kathleen Madigan . Reymundo was a highlight of P. Diddy’s “Bad Boy’s of Comedy” and is one of “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” along side Cheech, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez & Joey Medina. If you need anymore reasons to see his show? … Three words … FUNNY as HELL!! Alex also played as Host & Producer on “The Payaso Comedy Slam” (Showtime & Comedy Central) & The Latin Diva’s of Comedy” (Showtime) There is a new breed of Latin comic and it’s Alex Reymundo

Alex has widened his skills in 3 films, “Permanent Vacation”, “The Movement” & “El Matador” has done voice over work for many companies as well as Disney’s animated “Cars” project and has 20 years of touring under his belt. Alex has performed on the deck of the USS Roosevelt at sea and soared with legendary Blue Angels. Reymundo was born in Acapulco Mexico, raised in Ft. Worth, Texas and now resides in the Blue Grass state of Kentucky.

NEWS BREAK !!Alex has just inked his participation in “Ron White’s Celebrity Tribute to the Troops” set to air on CMT & be distributed as a DVD (all proceeds going to Wounded Warriors foundation). The All Star line-up includes; Ron White, Lewis Black, Rascal Flats, Margo Rey, Kathleen Madigan, Alex Reymundo, Tim Wilson & Vic Henley

Alex Reymundo’s brand new 1 hour special “Red-Nexican” premiered on Showtime in May with great ratings and is still enjoying it’s run. The DVD released August 10th by Image Entertainment.

Known as one of “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” along side Cheech, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez& Joey Medina, Reymundo will draw from his Latin base but don’t be fooled by the title, Alex is far from just a Latino thing. Reymundo crosses over to all demos, Alex was a highlight from P. Diddy’s first season of the “Bad Boys of Comedy” & spent 3 years touring with Blue Collar’s Bad Boy, Ron White gaining new fans all across the country. To date, Alex has put two of his own 1 hour specials on the air, ALMA Award winning “Hick-Spanic” (Comedy Central & Showtime) & his latest “Red-Nexican” (currently on Showtime) as well as playing host and producer on two other specials that got play on Comedy Central & Showtime, “Latin Diva’s” & the “Payaso Comedy Slam”. Being associated with six comedy specials, The Latin Kings, Blue Collar & P. Diddy draws the press and Reymundo delivers to any radio demo; Rock, Hip Hop, Country, R&B, Oldies, Soccer Moms … you name it he can get it, as well as television & print.

Fan Quotes:

I saw your routine on TV and it was amazing! I'm a huge fan now, and I hadn't heard of you before then. It's been a long time since I've laughed that hard! - Jamie Berryhill (Shallowater, TX)

I just saw your show called "Red Nexican"for the first time. You are unique. Funny as all get out. Thank you. I feel better. Ciao- Kookeez Black (LA, CA)

I caught your show on Showtime and it was the funniest shit I've seen in a while. So, if you ever get a chance, come out to Hawaii (Oahu). There are 4 major bases here with all the military. I'm also retired Navy. Again, damn nice show...- Aloha...Bill Shawl

You’re one funny MF. I listen to Rawdog on Sirius & can't remember hearing of you before. I will suggest they play a lot of your material. Don't know of anybody funnier than you, great material.-Tony Larsen (Hampton, VA)